Age 11, CA

Hi Liv,

 I love that you are doing this great website, to  inspire all kids around the world. About 3 month ago I raised money for my friend who had passed away from cancer, I have also  asked for animals and donate to a kids hospital.  So I ask if I can join you in this amazing journey  to make our world better place .

Kindergarden Girl Scout Troop, OH


I am a Daisy Girl Scout leader. I have 4 kindergarden girls who have made a difference in some people in our small village. They have collected "Pennies for Hunger", their own project, to be donated to our new food pantry in our village. In justb a few days they collected $55.98 and proudly donated it to the food pantry. That will buy a few things for at least one family. They have vowed to continue this project at least thru December. I am very proud of them for their work. This project is only a start to many other service projects in the future.

4th grade Girl Scout Troop, KY

Hi Liv,

I'm a Girl Scout leader in Louisville, KY and got your website link from another leader that I talk to online (she's in CA).  My girls (4th graders) have participated in the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program for the past 3 years, helping buy gifts for families who otherwise could not afford them.  They will participate again this year.  We are also going to the animal shelter next weekend, to help clean cages and visitor's rooms.  Each month, we come up with a different community service project.
I am sending your website link to some friends in Australia.  Hopefully, you will get a heart or two from "down under".  :) 

Best wishes!

Age 9, MS

I am 9 years old. For the past three years I have helped collect school supplies and uniforms for children in our area. For us it works best to collect the supply lists from the schools and put together entire kits, then donate a box of  extra supplies when we can. Last year we collected enough supplies to make 78 complete kits! 

I also collect the family's spare change and each year on my birthday I choose a place to send the money. Last year I collected over $230 dollars for a local women and children's shelter. This year I will send the money to Por Los Ninos, an orphanage in Honduras. 

I also work with lots of people at our church to make and stuff teddy bears. We take the bears to nearby emergency rooms, and the doctors or nurses give the bears away to children who are scared or sick.

I would like to have more information about being an ambassador. What would I do?

Age 8, CA

Dear Liv,

I am 8 years old and live in California. I did a service project to help poor people in Malawi, Africa. 

There are villages in Malawi where no one has shoes! We asked friends if they would donate $5, $10, 

or $20 to raise the money for this project. We raised $100 and we bought 76 pairs of children's flip flops. 

We mailed the shoes to a school in Malawi. This was done through Direct Connections to Africa, a group

that is trying to help poor people in Africa.

Thanks Liv,

Age 6, CA

Hi Liv

I love animals. This year I helped the dogs at the animal shelter. I baked them bones and dropped them off along with some towels to use to keep them clean.

On my winter break I sorted out warm clothes and winter jackets to help kids living on an Indian Reservation. It made me feel happy to know that I made a difference

Age 8, CA

I donated my hair to Locks of Love, and made a $300 donation (raised by selling mistletoe the first year)

Every other year, I raise money for the Heifer Project by selling mistletoe.  

I have donated about $600 so far.

My service project last year was to pass out energy saving fluorescent light bulbs.

I made blankets for needy babies in a project called “Bink-a-thon” with the girl scouts.

I donated gifts to the Friendship Shelter for Christmas presents.

I rescued an orphan kitty named Carmel .

I supported the Beanie Baby project for kids in Iraq. 

Age 12, OR & CA

have a few things that I did for your website...

these ones are for Oregon...

 I did Locks of Love, donating about 12 inches of my hair

I helped teachers around the school and helped make our school  

transform into a green school

I have helped in younger classrooms

I donated to "Heifer International

I gave cans of food to troops

And these are for California...

 I visited elderly on my birthday and did crafts with them

Age 8, CA

I can make a difference by saving energy!

Also, I can reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Did you know: Compact fluorescent light bulbs use at least two-thirds less energy than standard incandescent bulbs to provide the same amount of light, and they last up to 10 times longer. Compact fluorescent light bulbs also generate 70 percent less heat, so they are safer to operate and can also reduce energy costs associated with cooling homes and offices.

Age 7, CA

I want to share with you what I do to help make a difference.  Every week at my Elementary School , they have water bottle wed. What that means is that all the kids from levels K- 5th grade bring empty water bottles to recycle.  I bring in as many as possible. However, my mom installed a water system in our house so that we can use as little plastic as possible.  We also recycle at home.  I always remember when I open a box or anything plastic that I can’t just throw it away in a regular trash can. It has to go in the blue trash can which is for recyclables only.  Also I pick up paper around the school and put it into a box to recycle. I also help the kindergarteners with their math and reading. Every Friday I help clean up the school and  after I eat lunch I wipe the table and make sure the food area is all clean for everyone!!

Since I am a gymnast and have been doing it for some time now, I see the younger kids coming in and struggling.  I make it a priority to talk with them, play with them, and help in anyway that I can.  I remember not knowing anyone and it can be scary. I don’t want the other kids to feel that way.

Ohh yeah, one more thing my mom and I took out a tree in our backyard, so we decided to plant two more trees to replace the one that wasn’t doing so well.

Age 9, CA

I help by recycling things and turning them into art. I don't want there to be too much trash on earth.

Age 12, CA

Dear Liv,

I love your website!  It is so cool!  Here is what I have done to make a difference.  Last Thanksgiving I helped feed the homeless.  My church youth group made mashed potatoes and stuffing and then brought it to a community center in San Clemente, CA where we got to help serve a Thanksgiving feast.  At first I was scared because I had this image in my head of what a homeless person looked like, but when I arrived I was surprised to see families with children.  The image I had in my head was wrong.  I learned that sometimes people lose their homes when they lose a job or in a fire or other natural disaster.  The whole experience made me realize how important it is to help people in need, because people can't always help the situations they are in.  Two weeks ago I had another opportunity to make a difference.  This time I helped raise money for AIDS/HIV with the help of my mom and four other friends.  We participated in a 5K AIDS walk at Angel stadium in Anaheim.  We raised almost $2000. to help reach the overall goal of $750,000.  I am now working on another fundraiser to help the summer camp I went to last year rebuild after a wildfire destroyed many of the buildings.  Since I am only 12 and I can't actually rebuild the camp, I am raising as much money as I can to give to Camp Stevens. 


Age (not listed), CA

I volunteer at the Shea Center, a place where children with  

disabilities can ride horses with help from  volunteers.

I have only gone once or twice to volunteer, but I plan to volunteer  

more this summer, and I have gone in several times for training,

and to take care of the elderly horses.

Age 8 1/2 & 5 1/2, NJ

We would like to share that we picked up 2 big bags of garbage early this spring about one half mile along the street that we live on.  It's a shame that some people think the earth is a garbage can.  The stuff we picked up was pretty gross!  We would like to do this every few months
 8 1/2  and 5 1/2

Harmony Twsp., New Jersey

Age 8 & Dad, CA

Thanks for inspiring your daughter to think big. I got a copy of her website. What a great idea!  It has already stimulated an idea for my son and I to do something to help kids, and parents get better informed about the choices they make when eating out to help fight childhood obesity. I’ll let you know more about it as it unfolds but I wanted to thank you Liv for stimulating the idea. It may have never happened if we hadn’t seen her site. 

Age 1, 7 & 8, TX & Japan

Every year we go to Japan for the summer and help our grandparents participate in a neighborhood cleanup.  We spend a day picking up trash, cutting weeds, clearing drains and sweeping sidewalks.  We also like to help our local animal shelter when we are here in the U.S.   We stop by with food donations for the dogs and cats at the humane society.


Age 12 OR, HI, TX

In Hawaii I worked at a food bank collecting food

In Oregon I rake the neighbors lawns

In Texas I recycled plastics

Age 11, CA

I helped my school in california gather newspaper to recycle!

Age 11, OR

I recycled in South Carolina, Washington DC, Virginia and Oregon.

i donated money to the Humane Society in Oregon

and gave clothes to goodwill in Oregon!

Hope this helps!!

Age 12, OR

I did a few things that will make a difference.

I went to a place in Isreal where kids go, not really an orphanage, but a place where they take in kids who have been abused and they cant live at home. 

Many people (including myself) brought them gifts.

There was a group of kids who were invited to pick out one gift each.

My family and I brought hats, and one boy choose them and when he found it he started smiling and went to show his friends.

I felt really good when I saw all their faces lighten up with the wonderful music and gifts we brought them.

My family also gave them a guitar, and in honor of my dad, and another girls dad, they are going to incorporate a music class in their curriculum.

When we were coming home, I saw a whole bunch of trash at the airport in New York, so I went around doing picking some up.

I know I told you more than you need to know about the orphanage place, but it made me feel really good inside knowing we helped kids less fortunate than us.

Age 24, Cal State Long Beach Student

I am an intern for a company that works on apartments in AZ. I assist with providing better housing for lower end communities. All the buildings that I work on are “green”and all properties are crime free certified. The landscapes that are put in are indigenous to the area which help with the rationing of irrigation. 



Be Inspired.....